It was early evening and we decided to visit the Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, NC.

I have always enjoyed old cemeteries and this one is especially beautiful with its green rolling hills, old Spanish Oak trees and lovely monuments.  I remember how much I enjoyed my time there, learning so many stories about those who remain.  I remember seeing the graves of many Confederate generals, some WW1-POW’s, governors, congressmen, authors and even a body guard to President Lincoln!

Do you know what Eddie remembers?

He remembers standing at the gate trying to convince the night watchman (who was trying to lock up the large metal gate and close the grounds for the night) that I really didn’t want to spend the night in a cemetery.

Granted, when I hollered at him that I was, “right behind you” I probably should have been, but seriously, Eddie knew that I could scale almost any fence, and this little moment in time should not be all he remembers from the beautiful Riverside Cemetery!

That’s when I decided to upgrade my camera and make Shutterfly (the online photo album company that I use) my new best friend.

I can’t count the times that we’ve reminisced about something we did or somewhere we visited and had very different memories and conflicting details.  It has become very important to me that we preserve all of our memories the best way we can.

In this category you will find lots of hints and advice on getting the best photos using a simple camera (you professional photographers are on your own!), putting together great online albums and preserving your memories through journaling and creative ways to celebrate the places and things that you’ve been blessed to see and do!

As always, I am open to your comments, suggestions and hearing about what has worked for you!


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