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OK! Now that you’ve decided to check out ‘life with a tiny trailer’ and you’ve filled out the questionnaire (see the blog titled, ‘First Things First: Picking your Trailer’ under the Trailers Category), it’s time to explore the options! Take your time and get the advice of seasoned roadtrippers as well as salespeople. Remember…the journey is always a part of the fun!


1). Traditional Pop-Up Travel Trailer
2). Tent
3). Camper-Van
4). Tear-Drop Trailer external Kitchen
5). Tear-Drop Trailer stand-up model
6). A-Frame / Teepee Design Trailer
7). The ‘Ute’
8). Homemade Trailer
9). Pod Style Trailer
10). Pick up Bed Style Trailer
11). Trailer Rental (companies like Cruise America or RV Share will rent you a trailer on a day-to-day basis. This might be a good way to test out what you might like!)


1). Axle Weight:___________________________________________

2). Ball Weight:____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
3). Bearing Size:___________________________________________
4). Battery info:___________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
5). Brakes Info:____________________________________________

6). Electrics: _______________________________________________

7). Plugs / Wiring / Hookups:_______________________________

8). Power Supply Needs: ___________________________________

9). Spares: __________________________________________________

10). Suspension:_____________________________________________

11). Towing:_________________________________________________

12). Tracking: _______________________________________________

13). Water / Fuel / Liquids:___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
14). Wheels / Tires: __________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

For buying a new or used trailer check out this website:
Trailer Purchase Checklist
As soon as your new addition arrives please share a photo and your buying experience!

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