Open Road in the desert with caption 'Hit the Road'

Yep. Mark said it best.

It is my personal belief that the world could a better place if we all took time to travel.  To understand other cultures and people (especially the ones right in our own country!) can help us be less judgmental, more sympathetic and make our own lives a little ‘bigger’.  We can get new perspectives on history and gain more tolerance for having our opinions challenged and honed.  We can be ‘forever students’ of life. Learning as we go more and more about ourselves, each other and our Creator.

It is my desire to create – with this blog – a place where we can share stories, hints, hacks, advice and experiences as we travel this Big, Beautiful and Diverse country!  It is also my plan to provide an ‘online planner’ where getting help to plan a road trip can be easy and fun.

I also want to say a big, “Thank You” to all of you who have commented, clicked and followed this blog.  We’re off to a great start! I am also LOVING all the suggestions for topics that you are interested in getting some information about.  Please keep the comments, advice and ideas coming! I’d also love to hear more of your stories.

Let’s Travel Together!

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