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It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself on the road!  This is especially true when you venture outside your usual comfort zone, face a fear, or simply push the boundaries of your experience. Although I don’t generally shy away from trying new things,… Continue Reading “PUSHING THE LIMITS”

CRUISE PORTS: Ft Lauderdale

Ahhhhh…the best laid plans. As I’ve mentioned before, we like to take advantage of seeing new things at any cruise port city that we find ourselves in, and always plan a day or two on either the front or back end of a cruise… Continue Reading “CRUISE PORTS: Ft Lauderdale”


  We’ve done a fair number of excursions and organized tours as we’ve traveled, and here’s a few things to keep in mind when booking any tour, excursion or ‘adventure’ so as to control your expectations: * It’s extremely hard to take a group… Continue Reading “LOW EXPECTATIONS”


Whenever Eddie and I take a cruise, we try and make the most of our time in the cruise port city that we find ourselves in before we board our ship. For my first (and Eddie’s second) cruise we left from Vancouver to cruise… Continue Reading “CRUISE PORTS: Vancouver”