Road Trips and Tiny Trailers

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Backstory of the Bullet Points

It was September and we were at the Ft. Smith National Historical Site.  Eddie was taking pictures, not of the exhibits and the things we were learning about, but of the informational signs located at each exhibit.  Even though getting…

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Yep, You Gotta Eat

When it comes to really blowing the budget, the 2 areas that are the biggest culprits, at least for us, are fuel and food. With the fuel there’s not much that you can do (you have to get home after…

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Art, Architecture & Flying Monkeys (Burlington, VT)

We crossed the New York state line with our ‘Little Guy’ trailer in tow via the Burlington-Port Kent Bridge into Vermont right over the top of Lake Champlain. Eddie was admiring the lake (he has a little romance going on…

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Guns, Brits & Getting It Right

For our first cruise to the Western Caribbean, I decided that I wanted to do a little research in order to get the most out of the places we were going to see.  Wow!  As much as I love history,…

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