Road Trips and Tiny Trailers

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All De-Stressed and Somewhere to Go!

It’s finally here!  The big, ‘Grand Tour of Europe’ that I have been planning for, praying about, refining, and highly anticipating for the last 10 years has finally arrived, and it’s time to go!  After a couple of ‘stopover’ days…

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Orbiting Around the Sun King

A little bit of information about the history of Paris Although my opinions of the ‘Sun King’, Louis XIV are a bit underwhelming , I must admit to being a bit of jealous of the king’s grand gams. I am…

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Foreign Soil

I LOVE Verona.  Not Verona California or even Verona Arkansas.  The Verona. Verona Italy. Located in the beautiful Italian Lake District of Italy’s Veneto region, surrounded by the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains and situated nearly on the shores of…

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Budgeting Memories

For me, it seems that the best memories that I take home from a trip are usually the ones that are unplanned.  Therefore, I now always include an allowance in the budget for the unplanned-but-just-can’t-miss-it-moments or experiences. Here’s how that…

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