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It’s so true.  It’s also true that those who know at least a few tidbits of  information about the History of Religion in America, find that their vacation is more meaningful than it might have been otherwise.  The faith of a region, after all,  helps shape… Continue Reading “RELIGION: HOW TO USE THIS CATEGORY (Fun Facts)”

RELIGION: (First Folks) Fun Facts

RELIGION IN NORTH AMERICA Up until Approximately 500 A.D. Religion in America obviously starts long before America was America, or North and South America were independent from each other.  In fact, the entire continent was thought of as one huge landmass with (what would… Continue Reading “RELIGION: (First Folks) Fun Facts”

REGION 1: RELIGION (New Europe) Fun Facts

The area that we call ‘New Europe’, comprised of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick (with Canada’s outer islands), Vermont and Maine begins its religious contribution into the New World with Roman Catholic and Puritan roots. With the discovery of the rich and valuable forests and… Continue Reading “REGION 1: RELIGION (New Europe) Fun Facts”

REGION 2: RELIGION (The Original 13) Fun Facts

  The Region we refer to as ‘New England’ is made up of the 13 original British Colonies.  Although we’ve learned that the U.S. is originally comprised of native peoples from North America and a number of different waves of immigrants from other parts… Continue Reading “REGION 2: RELIGION (The Original 13) Fun Facts”

REGION 3: RELIGION (The Deep South) Fun Facts

Brought into the United States by the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the states of the Deep South, which include Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas have had their struggles with slavery, war and poverty.  Left here are the remnants of language and beliefs from… Continue Reading “REGION 3: RELIGION (The Deep South) Fun Facts”

REGION 4: RELIGION (Blue Grass Country) Fun Facts

REGION 4: RELIGION IN BLUE GRASS COUNTRY Although in close proximity to the ‘Bible Belt’ region of the U.S., the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio have a religious distinction all their own.  Bluegrass music is the voice of the entire region, and… Continue Reading “REGION 4: RELIGION (Blue Grass Country) Fun Facts”

REGION 5: RELIGION (The Breadbasket) Fun Facts

REGION 5: RELIGION IN THE BREADBASKET Not just in the middle geographically, the Midwest states of: Oklahoma * Missouri * Nebraska * Kansas * Iowa  represent the American average in terms of faith, attitude, a belief system, and core values. This region’s religious personality matches… Continue Reading “REGION 5: RELIGION (The Breadbasket) Fun Facts”

REGION 6: RELIGION (The Great Lakes) Fun Facts

REGION 6: RELIGION IN THE GREAT LAKES Michigan * Indiana * Wisconsin * Minnesota * Illinois Historically, the governing of this region was dependent on the social institutions that were more powerful, popular, and clearly defined than the other governing powers in the region.… Continue Reading “REGION 6: RELIGION (The Great Lakes) Fun Facts”

REGION 7: RELIGION (The Old West) Fun Facts

REGION 7: THE OLD WEST North Dakota * South Dakota * Wyoming * Montana * Colorado * Nevada Because what we refer to as the ‘Old West’ was initially comprised of territories and large undefined areas of land, for this section of Religion in… Continue Reading “REGION 7: RELIGION (The Old West) Fun Facts”

REGION 8: RELIGION (The Pacific Northwest) Fun Facts

REGION 8: THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Washington * Oregon * Idaho * Northern California More so than anywhere else in the U.S., “none” is the most common response of those in the Pacific Northwest when asked about religious affiliation or identification.  This does not mean… Continue Reading “REGION 8: RELIGION (The Pacific Northwest) Fun Facts”

REGION 9: RELIGION (The Southwest) Fun Facts

 REGION 9: THE SOUTHWEST Central & Southern California * Texas * Arizona * Utah * New Mexico Religious and cultural differences were part of the landscape of America long before  European arrival and settlement. The native people of this land Europeans called the “new… Continue Reading “REGION 9: RELIGION (The Southwest) Fun Facts”