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Ben is right.  It’s also true that those who know at least a few tidbits of historical information about whatever they are seeing or doing, find that their vacation is more meaningful than it might have been otherwise.  ************************************* Here in the ‘Fun Facts’… Continue Reading “HISTORY: HOW TO USE THIS CATEGORY (Fun Facts)”

HISTORY: (First Folks) Fun Facts

HISTORY IN NORTH AMERICA Up until Approximately 500 A.D. History in America obviously starts long before America was America, or North and South America were independent from each other.  In fact, the entire continent was thought of as one huge landmass with (what would… Continue Reading “HISTORY: (First Folks) Fun Facts”

REGION 1 HISTORY:(New Europe) Fun Facts

In the introduction to the ‘Fun Facts’ Category within this online planning manual, I detailed the importance of knowing some key things pertaining to the history that you will be exposed to on a trip to a particular area. I also presented the idea… Continue Reading “REGION 1 HISTORY:(New Europe) Fun Facts”

REGION 2: HISTORY: (The Original 13) Fun Facts

NEW ENGLAND AND THE ORIGINAL 13 Virginia * New York * Massachusetts * Maryland / Washington D.C. * Rhode Island * Connecticut * New Hampshire * Delaware * North Carolina * South Carolina * New Jersey * Pennsylvania * Georgia  New England (Region 2) is… Continue Reading “REGION 2: HISTORY: (The Original 13) Fun Facts”

REGION 3: HISTORY: (The Deep South) Fun Facts

THE DEEP SOUTH Florida * Alabama * Mississippi * Louisiana * Arkansas Did you know that in order for a soldier to serve during the Civil War, he had to have at least 6 opposing front teeth?  This was so that his ‘not-so-pearly’ whites… Continue Reading “REGION 3: HISTORY: (The Deep South) Fun Facts”

REGION 4: HISTORY (Blue Grass Country) Fun Facts

BLUE GRASS COUNTRY Kentucky * Tennessee * Ohio * West Virginia  When you think of ‘Blue Grass Country’ (Region 4), what things pop into your mind?  Bluegrass (or Mountain or Country) Music? Bourbon? Horse Racing? How about… well…blue grass?!   Is there really blue grass… Continue Reading “REGION 4: HISTORY (Blue Grass Country) Fun Facts”

REGION 5: HISTORY (The Breadbasket) Fun Facts

THE BREADBASKET Oklahoma * Missouri * Nebraska * Kansas * Iowa Open plains, cattle and pioneers are all part of the History of the (Region 5) Breadbasket Region.  Here is where the Pioneers and Settlers came to farm and ranch.  This Region birthed the… Continue Reading “REGION 5: HISTORY (The Breadbasket) Fun Facts”

REGION 6: HISTORY (The Great Lakes) Fun Facts

THE GREAT LAKES Michigan * Indiana * Wisconsin * Minnesota * Illinois When we think of the Great Lakes Region, images come to mind of huge ocean-like lakes, fascinating geology, forests, enormous waterfalls, shipwrecks and history dating back to before the landing of the… Continue Reading “REGION 6: HISTORY (The Great Lakes) Fun Facts”

REGION 7: HISTORY (The Old West) Fun Facts

THE OLD WEST North Dakota * South Dakota * Wyoming * Montana * Colorado * Nevada So much intriguing history awaits the traveler journeying into the Old West!  The Wild Wild West conjures up images of cowboys, gunfights, Indians, saloons, railroads and gold mines… Continue Reading “REGION 7: HISTORY (The Old West) Fun Facts”

REGION 8: HISTORY: (The Pacific Northwest) Fun Facts

THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Washington * Oregon * Idaho * Northern California  It’s hard to believe that you can drive from the peaks of the Grand Tetons to the Washington State rainforest coastline in just 16 hours! The Pacific Northwest is an area like no… Continue Reading “REGION 8: HISTORY: (The Pacific Northwest) Fun Facts”

REGION 9 HISTORY:(The Southwest) Fun Facts

REGION 9: THE SOUTHWEST Central & Southern California * Texas * Arizona * Utah * New Mexico The American Southwest sure does have its share of nature’s wonders and National Parks! Chocked full of mesas, caverns, deserts, arches, sand dunes, monuments and red rocks,… Continue Reading “REGION 9 HISTORY:(The Southwest) Fun Facts”