My name is Janelle Brian and my husband, Eddie and I are travel addicts from Colorado. We have recently found ourselves in this new phase of life called ’empty-nesters’ and we plan to make the most of it!


Welcome to Road Trips and Tiny Trailers!
This site is designed to help you plan, prepare and get the most out of your road trip in a Tiny Trailer.
Let’s Travel Together!!!


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or snide remarks. I’d love to hear from you!


Welcome to Road Trips and Tiny Trailers!

INTRODUCTION Welcome Welcome Welcome……and Thanks for checking out my new blog!  My name is Janelle Brian, and my husband, Eddie and I are travel addicts from Colorado. We Cruise, we backpack Europe and we especially enjoy seeing this big, diverse…

Hittin’ the Road

Yep. Mark said it best. It is my personal belief that the world could a better place if we all took time to travel.  To understand other cultures and people (especially the ones right in our own country!) can help…

REGION 7: HISTORY (The Old West) Fun Facts

THE OLD WEST North Dakota * South Dakota * Wyoming * Montana * Colorado * Nevada So much intriguing history awaits the traveler journeying into the Old West!  The Wild Wild West conjures up images of cowboys, gunfights, Indians, saloons,…

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REGION 6: HISTORY (The Great Lakes) Fun Facts

THE GREAT LAKES Michigan * Indiana * Wisconsin * Minnesota * Illinois When we think of the Great Lakes Region, images come to mind of huge ocean-like lakes, fascinating geology, forests, enormous waterfalls, shipwrecks and history dating back to before…

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PHOTOJOURNALISM By no means do I consider myself a photographer.  I am, however, a traveler with a camera who wants to improve her skills, make great photo albums and detail everything that we experience on the road.  Eddie is a…

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