My name is Janelle Brian and my husband, Eddie and I are travel addicts from Colorado. We have recently found ourselves in this new phase of life called ’empty-nesters’ and we plan to make the most of it!


Welcome to Road Trips and Tiny Trailers!
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Welcome to Road Trips and Tiny Trailers!

INTRODUCTION Welcome Welcome Welcome……and Thanks for checking out my new blog!  My name is Janelle Brian, and my husband, Eddie and I are travel addicts from Colorado. We Cruise, we backpack Europe and we especially enjoy seeing this big, diverse…

Hittin’ the Road

Yep. Mark said it best. It is my personal belief that the world could a better place if we all took time to travel.  To understand other cultures and people (especially the ones right in our own country!) can help…


Well, we’re back! The idea of spending 32 days away from home was initially a little daunting, and I was afraid Eddie would spend the last week away wishing that this trip was over. But a few trains, a couple…

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All De-Stressed and Somewhere to Go!

It’s finally here!  The big, ‘Grand Tour of Europe’ that I have been planning for, praying about, refining, and highly anticipating for the last 10 years has finally arrived, and it’s time to go!  After a couple of ‘stopover’ days…

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  Located on I-25 at exit 254, you will find Johnson’s Corner.  A truck stop that locals here in the Denver area know well, it is a destination not to be missed!  Opening in 1952 in what was once farmland,…

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