INTRODUCTION TO: 20 Min In Colorado

We love our state and would love to have you visit!

There are three main highways that go through Colorado, so if you are traveling here as a destination or even if you are just passing through, you will most likely find yourself on one of them.  Even if you didn’t plan an excursion, we’d love to have you stop along the way and enjoy the view!

I decided to do a category on my website called, ‘20 minutes in Colorado’ for just that purpose.  We are still discovering our state and are now exploring little right-off-the-highway places where it’s possible to pull off, stretch your legs, have lunch or just enjoy a quick photo op. These places won’t take long and you probably wouldn’t have noticed these spots in a guide book. If you did, they probably wouldn’t be worth making a special effort to see.

I’ve separated these posts into sub-categories by highway name, so that if you find yourself along one of our beautiful stretches of highway you can look up a quick ‘where can we stop?’ option.  As we discover these little gems, we’ll be sharing them with you!

Please enjoy a quick stop in ‘Colorful Colorado’!

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  1. This is some of the best information I have found available. You should consider adding the blog to your book as it is easer to highlight and mark your place so it can be reread at a any given point along your journey. I am so impressed! Way to go Jan!!

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