PACKING & PREPARATION: Packing the Personals

                     There are basically 3 bags that Eddie and I each pack for our personal stuff.  All 3 bags store in the backseat of our truck and we don’t try and keep them in the trailer at any time as space is really at a premium.  My supply of clothes is for 10 days.  After that point we do laundry.

There are also some things that we do keep in the built-in storage space in the trailer to avoid needing to get into our bags in the evenings or during the night.  Here goes:


We each have our own briefcases for our devises, cords, chargers, etc…I won’t make a list here as one’s electronic devises are pretty personal.  I will tell you that I choose a ‘Surface’ to travel with.  I have the one that you cannot download off of the internet with. I don’t download programs on the road and therefore I don’t get any viruses from sometimes sketchy sources!


This one is a large duffle bag- which I like – because you can jam it down to the floor behind the front seat and save space in the truck.  I pack for 11 days: 10 days’ worth of clothes plus 1 extra outfit in case I get caught in a rainstorm or fall into a river.  Yep, both have happened.  By the way, I LOVE Packing Cubes. They make everything fit so nicely!  Here’s my list:

A). All bottoms: I usually pack 5-6 pr of jeans / dockers / skirts (not for the guys hopefully) or warm up pants (which I use for long days in the car).  I wear each twice, spritzing them with Fabreeze and then fold them and put them into the bottom of the bag.

B). All Tops: I pack 10 tops as I don’t like to wear tops twice.  There’s always one that stayed pretty clean if there’s that trip into the river.

 C). 1 Backup Towel: I keep 1 towel in my shower bag but 10 days with the same towel is, well, just gross.

 D). 1 pr of warm ups: These are to wear when I’m doing laundry as I wash Everything.  They are also backups if my jammies get stinky.

*At the end of 10 days the BIG BAG has become the laundry bag and is good for transporting the wash to & from the laundry room.  Make sure that you are staying at a campground that has laundry facilities on day 10 (or whatever day you plan to do the laundry)

*Don’t forget when you are doing laundry to include anything else that might need washing such as jammies, pillow cases, dish towels, etc..


In my Shower Bag is everything else.  I choose a small ‘airline carry-on compliant’ bag as it pays for luggage to do double duty! It has sturdy sides and opens from the top.  A soft-sided duffel type will collapse as you try and use it and is just a pain-in-the-butt.  Here’s my list – and yes, it all fits nicely.

A). 11 Pr socks + 1 plastic grocery store bag: They are all in the side zipper pouch and the bag keeps the dirty ones separated.

B). 11 Pr undies + plastic grocery bag: Same deal, other side.

C). 1 Pr shower shoes:  I use rubber Crocs. These come in really handy to shower in if the mats are questionable.  I keep them in a grocery bag.  It’s also nice to have these to walk in for a midnight stroll to the restroom or if there is a rainstorm.  DON’T use flip-flops.  They are sponges and stay soggy.

D). 1 Travel / folding baby changing pad: Yep. Yep. They are cheap and make great shower mats so you don’t have to put your wet feet into socks or muddy up your towel drying off your feet when the floors are not very clean (which happens a lot).  Eddie thinks this is silly….I disagree.

E). 2 pkgs Handiwipes: For drying off your mat, shoes etc… before repacking.  Just toss when finished.

F). 1 Hanging plastic shower bag: This bag I take into the shower with me and contains shampoo, cream rinse, razor, soap, etc…Anything that is needed in the actual shower. I keep in it a suction cup hook to hang on the wall for when there is nowhere to put my stuff.

G). Makeup bag and jewelry bag: Again, hopefully not for the guys although I don’t judge.  I’ve tried to get Eddie to wear an earring, but no such luck.

H). Large Ziplock or zipper bag: This is for everything else. Tooth brush / paste, manicure set, hair stuff, Fabreeze, lotion, deodorant, etc….

I). Hair Dryer: I obviously throw this in loose and if I take a curling iron I keep a washcloth handy to wrap it in when it’s still warm.

J). Clothes for 2 days: Every other day I get into the BIG BAG and transfer 1 bottom and 2 tops to my shower bag and put the used ones in the bottom of the big bag.

K). 1 Towel: After I shower I generally lay this over the tops of the bags in the truck and then repack when dry. I like the ‘Camp Towel’ from the camping store as it like a chamois and dries quickly.  Eddie says it doesn’t get him dry enough.

*It’s a good idea for at least a week before you leave to make a list of everything that you need and use on a daily basis.  You can make your packing list from this.

*Don’t forget socks & undies on Laundry Day!

In addition to the 3 bags that we keep stored in the truck (be careful to keep your vehicle locked when you’re not using it), we do have things that we keep stored in the trailer.  Even our first ‘Little Guy’ had storage so this has never been a problem.  Here’s the List:


This little Tupperware box gets packed and unpacked with each trip as medicine can become stale.  Spend some time before you leave thinking through the things you might need:

                A). Diarrhea Meds

                B). Constipation Meds

                C). Cold Meds

                D). Cough/sore throat lozenges

                E). Sinus Meds

                F). Allergy Meds

                G). Pain Killers


This might sound silly, but when I get up in the middle of the night I don’t want to traipse out to the truck and rummage through my bags.  Eddie and I each made a list of everything we need if we get up at night, packed those things  and keep our bags within reach of lying in bed:

               A). Small filled water bottle

                B). Saline if it’s a dry climate

                C). A bottle of pain killers

                D). A Flashlight

           E). A battery-operated alarm clock: (my phone is usually charging overnight somewhere out of reach)

               F). Vitamins: We separate our vitamins and supplements into tiny zipper bags (you can find them at the pharmacy).  We have labeled the packets AM & PM and I take them first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

                G). Anything else that you typically need at night


Here are a few of the others things that stay permanently in the storage area of our trailer.  This is where it’s handy to take a ‘pre-trip’ trip and make notes of the things you’ll wish you had along.

* Playing Cards

* Badminton Rackets

* Binoculars

* Several extra rolls of toilet paper

* Don’t hesitate to pack duplicates of things you’ll need to use in different places.  I keep arthritis cream in my nightstand bag as well as my shower bag, eye drops in the truck as well as my purse…etc……..

Here you can print and use the checklist: PACKING THE PERSONALS



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