By no means do I consider myself a photographer.  I am, however, a traveler with a camera who wants to improve her skills, make great photo albums and detail everything that we experience on the road.  Eddie is a better photographer than I am, but he has the willingness to lug around the big camera and all the accessories.  I make myself satisfied with my point-and-shoot.  I have learned a few things, though, and for this blog I want to share with you my love for photojournalism.

There are many types of photos that you can take on the road.  Here are a few examples:

* Snapshots:

Snapshots are great.  They are quick and easy and because you don’t get emotionally attached to them, they are easy to discard if they don’t come out well.  These are usually fun and candid, and can often be some of your favorites. Sometime they can even surprise you!  Here are a few examples to illustrate:

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* Documentational:  

I may have just made up this word, but it says what I mean.  These photos document something you have seen or experienced.  They are a kind of ‘record keeping’ system for later recall, and generally need a title or caption – unless they are an iconic shot.  I often use this style to take a picture of a hotel or restaurant sign for future reference.  This is what I mean:

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* Calendar Pics:   

Eddie likes to get ‘Calendar’ shots.  These are usually great shots of a sunset, mountain scene, flower, or Eddie’s favorite: old trucks in a field. We call them ‘Calendar’ pics because they often end up in the calendar that we do each year of our favorite shots – not necessarily because we think they are good enough to be featured in a published calendar!  These shots are usually set up or photo shopped, and are almost always very intentional.  Here’s a few samples:

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But my favorite is to journal my journey!

Photo journaling is by far my favorite type of photography.  Our stories, after all, are what we have at the end of our traveling days, and photos can tell some of the best stories.

These types of photos will tell a story or lead the viewer somewhere.  They make you wonder where the path will go, what will happen next, or just enjoy a moment.  They can create emotion, inspire, recall a memory, or make you wonder what’s going on.  Whatever the case, a photo journal shot has something happening in it.  See if you can see what I mean:

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Whatever your style, make sure to have fun with your photos as you improve your skills!


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