Located on I-25 at exit 254, you will find Johnson’s Corner.  A truck stop that locals here in the Denver area know well, it is a destination not to be missed!  Opening in 1952 in what P1080117was once farmland, Johnson’s Corner has always P1080130remained open 24/7.  In 1998, Travel and Leisure Magazine declared its diner to have one of the “Ten best breakfasts in the world”, and in my opinion, the best cinnamon rolls anywhere!  In 2004, The Food Network claimed that it was the best Truck Stop in the Country.

You also might want to check out the Johnson’s Corner Chapel out back that is open 24/7.  Here you will find Pastor Bill, who will greet you with a handshake, a cup of fresh coffee and few encouraging words.P1080125 Here you can spend a few quiet moments and visit with a new friend.  You’ll discover that the little chapel started out as a candy store that actually predates the truck stop, and then became the dispatch center.  It has continuously operated as a chapel since 1997. The Chapel provides safety for those at risk and services on Sundays as well as regular Bible studies.P1080126



Whether you stop in for a rest, a meal, and encouraging word, a souvenir, a cinnamon roll or even a shower, Johnson’s Corner is a Colorado icon you’ll be glad to not have cinnamonrollmissed!

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