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Relaxed suppers at camp are one of life’s little pleasures.  No matter what you make (or burn) , somehow it just tastes better around the campfire!  Although we are not always back at camp by suppertime, when we are its a treat.  This is when we get to play with creative ideas, relax and enjoy.

To get started with ideas for leisurely suppers at camp, we’ll look at 7 different meal options:

1). Ham Steak, (Frozen) Sweet Potato Fries, Canned Green Beans, Fruit & Drink

2).  Steak on the grill (seasoned and frozen raw in foil before leaving), Campfire Potatoes, Corn on the Cob (roast on the grill in foil), Fruit & Drink

3). Brats on the Grill, Stir-Fried (Frozen) Onions & Peppers, Fruit & Drink

4). BBQ Steak in Foil, Skillet Baked Beans (play a little by adding bacon bits, brown sugar, mustard etc…), Fruit & Drink

5). Philly Cheesesteak in Foil, Pre-made Potato Salad

6). Chicken Enchilada Nacho Bowls, Fruit & Drink

7).  Chili Dogs (hot dogs and canned chili), Marinated Cucs,  Premade Coleslaw & Fruit

fruit-3162068_1280.jpgFruit Options are endless!  Use fresh, canned, frozen, or visit the local Farmer’s Market!

Drinks are usually simple.  We always have our water bottles, but sometimes switch it upDSC01839 (2) with iced tea, lemonade, soda or even a nice glass of local wine.

* A word about meat:


Basically, the meat you take on the road is in one of three forms. Fresh ( frozen and/or marinated), Canned, or Dehydrated.  It is also a good idea to invest in a Vacu-U-Seal, and seal up all food before you leave home.

Variety of meats on a stone board

-For meat in the first option (Fresh, Frozen or Marinated), remember to use it during Phase 1, or within 4 days  (SEE: Yep You Gotta Eat). Canned meat is very handy, and you can get beef, chicken, ham and tuna canned and ready to use however you like.  A word of caution, tho’… All canned meat tastes like tuna. -I like the dehydrated/freeze-dried option.  When I get my meat, I’ll have my butcher dehydrate/freeze-dry it.  It won’t go bad and works great for most meal options.  You just need to add some liquid to bring it back to life.

So sit back, relax, and don’t forget to play with your food! 


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