A quick drive west on I-285 S from the Denver suburbs will take you right to the Compassionate Dharma Cloud Buddhist Monastery.  And a stop at this beautiful facility is even more rewarding than being able to pronounce their name!

Take a left off of I-285 S at Settlers drive and park at the fire department.  Follow the dirt pathway up the hill to the Monastery.  The restrooms are in the Blue building on the ground floor with an outside entrance.  Don’t judge at first glance…

Keep walking back and you’ll find the common area used for services and presentations.  It’s a lovely red brick platform with benches made from tree logs, and a statue of Buddha himself.

Even if you are not Buddhist, this retreat center is a great place to take a break, get some fresh mountain air, and enjoy a little peaceful quiet time.  The monks are very nice, and are happy to answer any questions you might have.  This monastery is home to a great many events and have regularly scheduled ‘Days of Mindfulness’ that are open to anyone of any faith.  Buddhist or not, mindfulness is a great thing!  You can take a look at their website HERE.

2 lion statues on pedestals along stone walkwayContinue on up behind the Buddha statue until youmountain stone walkway with white hanging ornament see a stone walkway.  It is flanked by two white marble lion statues.  Your trek up the stone pathway will reward you with a grassy, well landscaped, stone terrace that provides a stunning view of the valley below.  This is a great place for a picnic lunch, but be respectful and don’t leave any trash. scenic overlook from stone platform in mountains

Take some quiet time here and just walk around.  Ponder the Heart of Perfect Understanding statue, and be grateful to be in such a tranquil and peaceful place.  Enjoy the beauty of the terrace and the mountains around you, and don’t forget to be ‘mindful’!

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          tall white marble statue of Buddhist woman   stone platform in the mountains  grassy area in mountain retreat with flower filled wagon  stone walkway in the mountains




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