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It was September and we were at the Ft. Smith National Historical Site.  Eddie was taking pictures, not of the exhibits and the things we were learning about, but of the informational signs located at each exhibit.  Even though getting into Eddie’s head and trying to understand what he is thinking/doing is a lot of work for me, I once again asked the bewildered question, “Honey…what exactly are you doing?”

What Eddie explained to me was that, as this was our last day of the ‘Deep South Tour’ (yes, I always name our trips), he was intellectually fried.  Information overload had taken its toll and we were no longer retaining much of anything.  We’d studied so much!  So much, including the Civil War, the War of 1812, the Trail of Tears, lives of alligators and the childhood of Elvis.  Yep. We were spent and Eddie decided he would refer back to his photos to learn information as his brain cleared.

“Why is it that we can’t just get a few pieces of interesting information about the things we see as we travel instead of having to digest these novels that often lose my interest before I even finish?”, Eddie had asked.  “I want bullet points of information that are easy and quick to read that I’ll retain!”

That conversation led me to create the ‘Bullet Points of American History’ Shutterfly Photobook that we now carry with us on trips.  Short, quick, to the point, interesting and easily retain-able tidbits of information.  It has also sparked the idea for a section in the book I’m writing, called ‘Bullet Points of Information’.

I’ll be sharing with you information about history, landscapes, religion, art and architecture in a bullet point style that is designed to give you just a few pieces of information about things that you will potentially see and do on a road trip in America.  Either these tidbits will help you get the most of your visits if you don’t need too much to be satisfied, or whet your appetite for more information about the things that you find really interesting and want to know more about.  Either way, you’ll discover more about yourself and where your interests lie.  Stay tuned!


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