It seems like funerals always bring us to the ‘what’s really important’ questions in our lives.  Eddie & I recently attended a Celebration of Life service for a friend that had to have been one of the most uplifting, real and inspiring ones we’ve attended to date.  As we reflected and talked over the ‘we-need-to-stop-for-ice-cream’ stop that followed the service many questions came up.

“What do I want to be remembered for?”

“What legacy do I want to leave?”

“What do I want my children to remember most about me?”

“What will allow me to get to hear, ‘Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant’ as I pass into the next life?”

“Will anyone actually show up for my service?” (I’m not kidding here…I attended a service once where no one except the husband, children, preacher, pianist and 3 friends (that included me) came.  It was the saddest thing I’d ever seen!)

Here’s what I decided that I wanted to be remembered for:

*I want to have loved my husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends well.

*I want to have traveled through this life as much in the center of God’s Will as I could have been.

*I want my life to reflect my relationship with my Lord more than my words.

*I want to have gotten to know God and experienced a deeper relationship with Him through travel.  I want to have seen His endless creative side in Nature, His timeless patience and omniscience through History, The extension of Himself that He gives us through the Art & Architecture that His children create, and His overwhelming Love that pulls it all together.

Most of all, I want to always be Clay in His hands.  Always willing to grow, to learn, to be corrected, to be challenged and be always in the process of being molded into the woman He wants me to be – molded into His image.


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