We spent some time at the beaches of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  Eddie was learning his new camera and I just wanted some time to contemplate coastlines.  Yes, coastlines.  I was beginning to write about interesting and educational ‘Bullet Points’ of information about coastlines.  As I was pondering the gravitational pull of the moon on the waves of the ocean I began having this simple ‘father-daughter’ moment with God.  I had so many questions about how the oceans were formed and how they function.

As I was considering all that I had read and learned, and as I was asking so many ‘how and why’ questions, I felt God’s hand on my shoulder and that still, small voice saying, “Shhhhhhh. Just listen. Just be here. Be present. Be amazed at the beauty you see.  Know me better. Understand that things work as they do because I said, ‘Let there be…and there was’…. and that’s enough.”

Second Beach (53).JPG

For now, when you find yourself at the coast…Just listen….just be present in the moment.

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