Traveling along I-25 South of Denver, you will pass by the: Western Museum of Mining and Industry, open since 1970.

 It is located at Exit 156 and is just North of Colorado Springs.

What a great place to get out and stretch your legs!  It is free to walk around the grounds, see some mining equipment, buildings and read about the industry.

You’ll learn how the mining industry works at restoring an area after a mine closes as well as the steps that are taken to protect the environment and safeguard the water.  Here on the Mining Museum grounds, you can learn the details of those things as well as learn how mining affects us today.

In addition, for a small fee (and a little extra time), you may visit the library & museum which is full of the mining equipment that they will turn on and run for you.

Definitely worth the few minuets that it takes to see the museum and it’s also a great place for lunch as there are picnic tables set up for your use!

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