EVERYONE’S GETTING IN THE GAME! 2018 Teardrop Trailer Review

It seems like everywhere we go we rub shoulders with people who are embracing the ‘Tiny Living’ movement!

Words like:

Tiny Home…Sustainable Living…Minimizing…and Simplifying are becoming commonplace as a growing portion of our culture is going Small!

This is also becoming evident in the world of RVs and trailers         CAMPERS

Eddie and I had the opportunity to attend the Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show 2018  which was surprising and fun!

We mostly went to see the new trailers by Little Guy and NuCamp (who dominate the teardrop trailer world) which are always so fun to see and compare to what we already have.


To our amazement however, we discovered that everyone really is getting into the game!  Most of the big names in RV travel such as Winnebago, Airstream, Riverside RV, Sunray, NoBo, and Forest River are just a few of the RV manufacturers that are now featuring teardrop-type trailers!

Whatever your need or desire is for the perfect way to go tiny and see the country, there is most likely a trailer for you!  Here are a few of the new innovative (and in some cases just silly) designs that we saw:

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So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to HIT THE ROAD!!!

campers 2


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