Baffled by the confusion concerning Little Guy and nuCamp trailers?

Here’s the scoop:

Once upon a time there was a camping enthusiast from North Canton, Ohio.  The love of his life was the little teardrop style camper from the 1930’s & 1940’s.


The idea to recreate, update and make affordable the teardrop camper trailer was presented to a couple brothers in Elkhart, Indiana in 2002.  There they began prototyping a 4×8 Retro trailer in their garage.

showroom-nc-300x225As the demand for these little gems increased. The construction moved out of the garage and into a manufacturing facility in Sugarcreek, OH.  Little Guy Trailers handled the designs, distribution and sales. Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers did the manufacturing.  Over the next couple years, production gradually and consistently grew from 2-3 trailers a week to a 3-4 a day.

Twenty or so trailers were produced that first year, but now thousands are  out on road trips with new travel enthusiasts! Teardrop Camper Trailers are the most identifiable, economical and modern trailers on the road today!

In 2016, as the contract between the companies ended.  As a result, the two teardrop entities went their separate ways. Pleasant Valley became nuCamp and is now headquartered in Sugarcreek, OH, while Little Guy continues its operation from Uniontown, OH.  Both companies have dealerships around the country.

(If you speak with reps from either company, you will get different stories of why there was a split, so we’ll just go with the reason being that it was the best decision for everyone.)

With the separation came the division of the different models. If you are looking at a used trailer that was manufactured before the fall of 2016, it will be a Little Guy Brand.  After the fall of 2016, the models fell into independent hands.

Little Guy Trailers now has:

nuCamp RV now has:

It gets more complicated…

The nuCamp T@G also comes with the Boondock Edge & Boondock lite off-road packages, as well as the Sofital  luxury package.

Also, models such as: the Silver Shadow, the Q-Max, the 5-Wide, the Tailgater, the 6-Wide, the Rascal, the Joey, and the Rough Rider (and probably a few others) are no longer being manufactured, even though they show up on the used market.

…and now it gets even worse

Both Little Guy and nuCamp will allow you to customize, modify or even design your own trailer!

Remember, too that most all major RV companies have their version of a mini or teardrop style model.   No wonder the sales lots are complicated!

Whether you choose nuCamp or Little Guy, know that they are both excellent in quality.cute_rv_vintage_teardrop_camper_travel_trailer_postcard-ra4f2474b8b484c698e79d332c217a3f6_vgbaq_8byvr_540.jpg The features you find vary from forced air and radiant heat, air-conditioning, window shades and screens, stoves, microwaves, on-demand hot water, refrigerators, entertainment systems, large beds, and lots of storage. The only way to really appreciate all they have to offer is to get down to your local dealership and take a look.  You’ll find new and used models at most RV sales centers, so stop in and see what the fuss is all about!


For a look at the new Little Guy models, click HERE.

For an look at the new nuCamp models, click HERE.




  1. I love the first picture! I’ll have to bookmark this article should we decide to go tiny.

  2. The Little guys are either too small (mypod) or too large and the Nucamps are just the right size for me.

    • Glad you found just the right thing! You’ll have to let me know where your next adventure is to!

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