Ahhh…that feeling when you accomplish a goal…!  I’m now 1/2 finished with my website’s FUN FACTS Category!

I’ve shared in my blog called, ‘Backstory of the Bullet Points’ (which you can find in the Introduction of the FUN FACTS category) how I came to the decision to create a category on my website that would provide a few tidbits of information that might potentially help make any Road Trip more meaningful and enjoyable.  It was an easy decision to make as I watched Eddie go into an ‘information-overload coma’ in Arkansas, and where I too had been feeling overwhelmed by too many facts.

So, the idea for the FUN FACTS category for my website was born!  Minimal amounts of information in a ‘bullet point’ style that is simple to access, quick to read and easy to remember.

And being it’s all accessible online….it’s easy to have with you as you find yourself in a region enjoying a point of interest, historical site or beautiful landscape.

I pondered the most common types of information that you might encounter on a Road Trip, and ended up choosing these           4 sub-categories:


There will be about 9 blogs in each FUN FACTS sub-category and these will stay available and easy to find for anyone wanting a few pieces of information in any of these areas of interest.

The ‘Fun Facts’ Category has an ‘Introduction’ in the drop down that will have more details on how to use this category and will identify which states are in which region.


And now all 9 blogs in ‘HISTORY’ are available.  Whew!

Each blog contains information about 1 of the 9 Regions of the U.S.  If you scroll to the bottom of the blog list in the ‘Fun Facts/ History’ Category, you’ll see Region 1 progressing back to the top where you’ll end with Region 9.

Each blog identifies the major historical information you’ll hear about while traveling in the region.  I call this time frame ‘focused events’.  I chose this approach, not because that’s all that has happened there, but because this is the information that the area is most known for.  There will be some general information and then some historical events for each state in the region – with an emphasis on the ‘focused events’.

All, of course, in a bullet point style that will frustrate any history fanatic, but hopefully allow the casual traveler to get more out of their vacations!  Enjoy!


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