Most people would say that along the I-25 corridor between the Wyoming border and Denver there is ‘a-lotta nothin‘.

I say…HOGWASH!0601181441

There is, however, a-lotta open space, green rolling hills, farming fields nestled in at the base of the Rocky Mountains, old abandoned buildings, and views of snow-capped mountain peaks.

There are also a few great places to stop, stretch your legs, have a picnic, or just breathe in the clean, crisp air.


0601181632If you are traveling from Wyoming and headed south along I-25 into ‘Colorful Colorado’ (yep..that’s our slogan), the first place you might consider for a rest is the Colorado Visitor’s Center located just west of I-25 at exit 268 near Ft Collins.

Here you will find restrooms, a covered picnic area and a place to walk the dog.  Check out the Rocky Mountain Nature Association Bookstore for complimentary maps, brochures and weather updates.  There is also the Blue Star Memorial Highway near the center honoring those who served in the Nation’s Armed Forces during WW2.

The Colorado Welcome Center is located on a 200 acre nature preserve called the ‘Running Deer Natural Area’.  From the Visitor’s Center, follow the marked trail where you’ll find about 2 miles of trails with 3 loop choices – all under 1 mile in length.  There are lakes, ponds, and an historic firs lookout.  You will also find restrooms, benches and that your leashed dogs are welcome. Click here for a trail map: Running Deer Trail map

What a great place to get introduced into the northern part of the state, and all available 0601181633a_HDRduring your 20 minuet stop in Colorado!



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