It’s so true.  It’s also true that those who know at least a few tidbits of  information about the Landscapes and Natural Wonders of America, find that their vacation is more meaningful than it might have been otherwise.  Knowing a little about the ‘how, when & whys’ of the Landscapes that you are seeing can help bring that forest, desert, wetland, etc… to life.


ffl6Here in this ‘Fun Facts’ Category you will find information about  9 of the various Landscapes found in the U.S.

Unlike the other 3 ‘Fun Facts’ categories, here you will find specific Landscape Blogs rather than Region blogs.  This is because there are multiple Landscapes in each region, and many of the same Landscapes throughout the U.S.ffl2


These blogs are each presented in a ‘bullet point’ style that is designed to give you just a few pieces of information about things that you will potentially see and do on a road trip in America.

Either these tidbits will:

help you get the most of your visits, (if you don’t need too much to be satisfied)


whet your appetite for more information (about the things that you find really interesting and want to know more about).

ffl5Either way, you’ll discover more about yourself and where your interests lie.


To help you easily find information for the Landscape you are currently interested in, I have divided the options into 9 Blogs.

ffl9ffl10  ffl7

Here are the 9 Landscape Blogs to choose from (APPEARING  ALPHABETICALLY):

  *Canyons  *Coastlines 

*Deserts *Forests 

*Great Lakes *Mountains

*Plains *River Basins



After you have identified the Landscape that you are visiting, scroll down until you find the blog for that option. 

ffl1Click on the Blog, and enjoy the information found there. Remember that this is in no way an exhaustive compilation downloadof facts or a complete picture of this particular Landscape.  There’s just a few interesting things here that are designed to help the places that you are seeing to come alive a bit and get you started.  The rest is up to you!