BEYOND THE PHOTO: Other memory Makers


Display photos, memories and souvenirs in creative & useful ways!


I’d love your input! Please share the unique and creative ways you use to preserve your memories (and include photos if you’d like).  This blog is ongoing and will be updated regularly.  You might even see your idea here!


Besides taking photos and making photo albums, there are other ways to preserve your travel moments.  Here we’ll explore a few ways to be creative with your memories:Cartoon about preserving memories and cooking breakfast with pancake batter


1). Make a Travel Pin or Wall Display Map:

Travel Pin Maps are great fun.  You can use a smaller size that fits with your decor, or use an entire of wall of your basement or travel room (doesn’t everyone have a travel room?).usa_map_pins

2). Collect something:20181025_125537.jpg

I like refrigerator magnets because they are easy to store in a backpack and won’t break (I ended up with a giant magnet board after we got a stainless fridge because magnets won’t stick).  Others I know collect things like key chains, shot glasses, thimbles, postcards, hats, placemats… the choices are endless.  The hard part is knowing what to do with all the stuff.  My suggestion is to choose something that you can get creative with!

3). Create a Scrapbook:

Scrapbooks are great.  You can keep everything in them from photos, coins, opera tickets, metro passes etc… They take time and can be a little messy, but in the end make a great conversation starter on your coffee table!

You can also check into creating your own online scrapbook.  It is fun and easy, and there’s no mess!  Some websites to check out are: Shutterfly, Mixbook, Artifact Uprising, and DigitalScrapbooking.  There are lots of others, so check them out!

Also, look into a National Parks Passport.  A National Parks Pass includes so much more than just the Parks.  It includes monuments, battlefields, preserves, landmarks, military parks, scenic byways and MUCH MUCH more!  Your National Parks Passport contains a map of everything in the National Parks System, along with places to put stamps and notes at each site.  You may purchase a passport along with stamps and stickers to put in your book at every visitor’s center in the system.  So much fun!!

4). Make your own travel blog:

Why not?  It’s like having an online travel journal that all your friends can follow!  The Post-As-You-Go plan makes it nice to come home and not have to organize photos on your phone to show your people, or tell your stories repeatedly.  It’s super easy to create a blog.  Try: WORDPRESS; WIX; BLOGGER; or GODADDY to get started!

5). Keep a journal:

On the Road Again Travel Journal with wood-look coverAh…the Journal.  A writer’s best friend.

Whether on a laptop or in traditional book, Journaling can be a relaxing and therapeutic way to unwind at the end of your day on the road.  I journal while sitting in front of a campfire…

6). Make a Calendar:

There are countless online sites (like Shutterfly) that offer you the ability to create a calendar (and lots of other stuff) using your own pictures.  We have even used our local ‘office print & ship’ store.  Calendars make great souvenirs, and we give them as Christmas gifts.

7). Frame It; Display It:

From a simple rotating picture frame, to collages full of mementos, you can frame or display anything!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do a little digging online to get the latest ideas on how to frame your memories.  These projects will make nice additions to your ‘travel room’, or ANY room!

However you choose to preserve your memories, you can’t go wrong with making the effort to display photos, memories and souvenirs in creative & useful ways .


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