Goodbye…goodbye…parting is such sweet sorrow

roadside chapel with grafitti

Heading out of Antonito on S-285, it is about time to exit the beautiful and ‘Colorful’ state of Colorado.  Before you cross the border into New Mexico however, there is a roadside chapel worth dropping in on.  Maybe you don’t need a full “20 mins” for this stop, but drop in anyway and reflect on your time in this ‘not-to-be-missed’ state.small painted chapel front with cross on top


There’s not a restroom or picnic area here, but this is a nice place to say a prayer, or enjoy a quiet moment of reflection – regardless of your personal beliefs .


story of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' painted on plaster wallThere is also the opportunity to get to know ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ as you read her story here on the walls just outside the little chapel.  This is the Lady to whom this chapel (and SO many others) is dedicated. Although it is homemade and crude, the chapel has been lovingly used for years. Go inside and check out all the mementos that have been left behind, and feel the prayers said here. Maybe there is something you’d like to leave behind as well.                                                        
relics and figurines in roadside chapel

plaster wall of roadside chapel with christian symbolsAnd now it’s on into the Land of Enchantment!

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