UFO WATCHTOWER: Hwy 17 at Hooper

Welcome to “The Bermuda Triangle of the West.”

metal watchtower with platform on top

The San Luis Valley boasts more UFO sightings than anywhere else in the country, and the area’s UFO Watchtower records sightings nearing the hundreds.  As a result, it receives anywhere from 2,000- 5,000 visitors each year.

To get to the UFO Watchtower from I-285, watch for Hwy 112 near Center. Turn left aliens at play sign near watchtower with mountains in backgroundheading east for about 16 miles.  At Hwy 17, make another left hand turn going north for 3 miles. Turn right into the parking lot, but don’t go over 10 mph!  They are serious…

man standing in area filled with memorabiliaThanks to owner, Judy Messoline, you’ll find camping spots, picnic tables, outdoor restrooms, a gift shop, and who knows what else might appear!  Since 2000, Judy has been capitalizing on the land that she owns, but that gets used by UFO Spotters, Extraterrestrial Enthusiasts and UFOlogists. She has also built a ‘watchtower’ that features a rock garden and healing garden, buffered by two “energy vortexes.” Here visitors can leave offerings, which include everything from children’s toys and garden tools, to shoes and Bibles.  You’ll find the gardens guarded by statues of aliens.

alien statue covered in memorabilia 2 alien statues under UFO craft      dome shaped igloo covered in white tiles    alien statue covered in memorabilia     
night sky with stars over mountains

Perhaps the most impressive sight of all, however, is the beautiful desert landscape.  The San Luis Valley contains the largest aquifer in the country as well as the largest basin.  This valley is beautiful by day, and even more impressive at night.  The night skies are dark purple and filled with bright twinkling stars. They’ll take your breath away, UFOs or not.

gift shop with alien souvenirs

There is much to be learned at the gift shop, if you want UFO information.  There’s always someone there to answer questions, give sighting reports or details of extraterrestrial activity.  You may also purchase one of Messoline’s books, or take home a souvenir alien hat.

statue of Yetti carved out of wood

“We are not responsible for abduction,” they will tellwoman poking head through alien photo-op board you upon visiting, so beware…


While you are at the gift shop, can pick up discount tickets to the Colorado Gators Reptile Park.  If you’re going straight there, it’s only 6 miles straight south on Hwy 17.


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