Just under 1 1/2 miles off of I-285 you will find the High Valley Mennonite Church.

Front face of church building with rust colored brick and tan siding

I must admit that I was excited to see this stop off of I-285.  I come from a Mennonite background, and most of the churches I knew are no longer in existence.  This particular church was a bit different from what I knew growing up, so it was fun for me to get to visit!

A quick 1 1/2 mi turn off of I-285 on Co Rd E led us through some beautiful San Luis Valley farmland, and right to the parking lot of the High Valley Mennonite Church.  The building isplayground equipment at church, gravel road and farmland brand new, and the rust colored brick with taupe siding made it look modern and updated.  The church also has a small connected school with playground equipment.

We parked the car and ventured in to the open building.  There we met Janice, the pastor’s wife, along with her little ones.  In between all of her responsibilities, Janice manages to keep the building in tip-top shape by cleaning up and doing small repairs.  She was very nice, and more than gracious with answering my questions. She even allowed us to use the restroom.  Janice also said that it would be find for someone to stop in, say ‘Hi’, side face of church building with rust colored brick and tan sidingand have a tailgate picnic.

Also called the ‘Church of God in Christ’, his particular church is of the Holdeman Branch of Mennonites.  The summary of their beliefs says, ‘We believe that all people can have salvation through Jesus Christ, who died to wash our sins away.’  You can read more about their beliefs HERE


Next time through we’ll make a point to be here on a Sunday, and possibly enjoy a service.  There is no instrumentation here, and the idea of listening to A Cappella hymns in 4-part harmony sounds like ‘music to my ears’! 

High Valley Mennonite Church Sign on building

After enjoying this delightful ’20 min’ stop, we were once again heading south on I-285, and “on the road again…”

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