I-285 travels right through the town of Saguache.  While your there, take a quick ’20 min detour’ to see Robertson’s Flour Mill.  It is the only U.S. water powered grist mill still left standing!

(If you have the time, you might want to take an organized tour.  To arrange for an appointment, call:  719-221-3869)

wooden grist mill in front of stream

As I-285 enters the town of Saguache, it will intersect with Denver Ave/ Z road.  Turn right heading west on Denver Ave.  Follow the road as it turns to Z road for 1.4 miles, and then turn left heading south on road 46.  In a few minutes you’ll be at the Flour Mill.  Here’s the tricky part:  You’ll need to leave your rig on the side of the road and walk up to the Mill.  It’s a very short walk and you can keep an eye on your vehicle.

grey grist stone on wooden chairGrains are ground into flour at a Grist Mill.  The Robertson Flour Mill (aka the Saguache Grist Mill) was water powered, and initially provided flour for the Indian Agency and settlers in the northern part of the San Luis Valley.

The original mill was built by famous Colorado railroad builder, Otto Mears, in the late 1860’s. Prospector brothers, Enos and Preston Hotchkiss, then replaced it with a three-story mill in 1873.  It later sold it to the Robertson Family, who ran the operation for many years.wooden grist mill

        The San Luis Valley is filled with fascinating history.   To learn more, click HERE.

Retrace your steps to return to I-285 South, and keep on truckin’!

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