I’d sure like to blame COVID-19 for the fact that I have not written anything in so long.  After all, I do travel writing and the world got locked down for awhile.  That seems reasonable doesn’t it?

writers block head down on notebook

Truth be told, that’s really no excuse at all.  In fact, we’ve actually

 taken 4 roadtrips over the last 2 years.  So what’s the problem?  Let’s blame that age ‘ol problem of writer’s block.scrunched up papers around head holding light

  man with lots of cameras around his neck

Or Eddie.  I’m going to blame Eddie. 


In 2020 for our first trip to Hawaii, Eddie decided that it was time for me to finally let go of my trusty little Lumix point-&-shoot camera.  He had to pry open my hand, as I never wanted to be that guy with all the camera gear.  Not to be deterred, however, Eddie replaced my little Lumix with a Sony full-framed mirrorless camera.   Now here I am – with 2 camera bodies, 5 lenses, a giant bag of accessories, and a wish-list for more!  I would say that Eddie didn’t know what kind of monster he was going to create, but he is actually worse.  You should see us now, packing for a roadtrip and trying to find room in the truck for a 2nd pair of socks.

So that’s what’s been eating my time, attention, and money.  Learning the art of photography is a lifetime process, and the more we learn, the more there is TO learn. But man are we having fun!  And the digital age is sure a game changer for those of us who enjoy photography.  No more spending hundreds of dollars developing 35mm film shots of the ground, the side of my leg, or ones that are just black.  No more having the TSA at the airport look through all 39 rolls of film. Nope! This is awesome!

rh2010150100014And because I’ve helped myself to so many online images for this website, I felt that it was only right to give some back.

I know I haven’t even made it to amateur status -yet-, but I now have a few photos available online as Photostock.

You can check out our Portfolio HERE !

Thanks for taking a look…I will enjoy the feedback (I least I think I will)!timeless-amy-weiss

And as far as articles go…well, yes.  I’m back in that saddle & working on that too!  I’m in full swing with a couple of blogs that are in the works, so stay tuned.

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